6 Good Reasons to Sit on A Yoga Ball

Yoga ball, also called exercise ball, gym ball or stability ball, is a large ball that can be used for stretching, muscle strengthening and maintaining a proper posture. Even it’s called yoga ball, it’s not only for yoga exercises. Any fitness enthusiast works out with yoga ball to gain much better effects.

Still have a doubt on its benefit? Start by sitting on one yoga ball and you will see why! Even you are totally new to fitness, you will benefit!


1. Improve Your Balance

It’s no doubt that the yoga ball helps you to build good balance both physically and mentally. Whatever exercises you’re doing on a yoga ball, you have to maintain your balance to be able to do them and hold the correct positions. Beside, you also develop your concentration and self-control as you need to force your body to reach and maintain the stability.


2. Slim Your Legs & Firm Your Figure

Sitting on a yoga ball is definitely a effective exercise in controlling your balance. To achieve that, you naturally contract the muscle of your knees, hips and ankles. You won’t even realize, but you are indeed working on strengthening not only your deep muscles but also your spinal column.


3. Correct & Improve Your Posture

For people lost the habit of sitting up straight, sitting on a yoga ball is an excellent way to get back on track! It helps to correct and improve your posture.

A yoga ball’s instability forces you to shift positions often, which helps you become more and more conscious of your posture. Meanwhile, the support of your entire body is improved. You won’t suffer from aches and pains due to poor posture.


4. Get Back Your Flat Tummy

You may haven’t think of this, but it is in fact excellent in sculpting your abs! Maintaining a seated position forces you to contract the muscle of the lower limbs. What’s more, trying to keep your balance works out your abs significantly. And that’s why yoga ball can help getting your flat tummy back! You can even achieve it in the comfort at your own home!


5. Health Benefits

Sitting on a yoga ball forces you to adopt a good posture. In this way your back pains are prevented, particularly in the lower back. Your back muscles are strengthened as your body makes micro-movements to maintain good posture on a yoga ball. The micro-movements and non-static position of your body on a yoga ball also help to improve your circulatory system. It also increases your energy levels and builds muscle tone. The yoga ball considerably improves your general state of heath. You will gain energy, firmness and tone with it.


6. Everyone Can Do It

Last but not least, it’s extremely easy to do it as everyone knows how to sit. Sitting on a large ball doesn’t requires strength or practical skills. Even a 3-year-old kid can try sitting on a yoga ball(of course, choose a ball depending on his/her weight) !


Sitting on a yoga ball is easy but indeed effective – much more so than you might image. By establishing a habit of sitting on a yoga bal regularly ( 15 minutes a day for starter ), you can maintain a good general state of health. Give it a try and we’re sure you’ll be convinced!



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