How to Stop Ski Goggles Fogging up?


It’s obviously known that during skiing, you can‘t slide if you can’t see. Ski goggles are made anti-fogging. However, not all goggles are 100% anti-fogging. Even top-of-the-range goggles will mist occasionally. That may cause serious injury, or even death sometimes. We need to avoid this happen.

Below are some practical tips that helps to stop your ski goggles from fogging up.


1. Avoid Warm Air

Do you know why ski goggles fog? Usually they fog when warm air from your body hits the inside of a lens that has been cooled down by extremely low temperature outside. Then the water in the air condenses into tiny droplets that cling to the lens, which obscures your vision.

So you must avoid letting the warm, moisture air from your breath coming into contact with the inside of your goggles, which often happens when you tack a mask or balaclava under the goggle bottom.



2. Keep Them Clean

NEVER touch the inside of your ski goggles ever. All good goggles come with an anti-fog coating on the inner side of the lens. If you touch the coating, you may break the film and cause fogging.


3. Keep Them Dry

Another reason for goggles to fog up is people wearing them while working up a sweat. You must keep your goggles away from sweat. Use cleaning cloth to wipe the lens when you see sweat appears. And make sure you have breathable cloth on.

If your goggles are already wet, especially the foam part around the eyes and nose, it’s more likely they will fog. So remember to dry them out after each day’s wearing.


4. Keep Them Ventilated

In general, all goggles will come with ventilation system to keep air flowing through the inside and more warm moist air away. Usually there are soft foam mesh not only at the top but also at the bottom of the ski goggles. Before you go skiing or snowboarding, just give them a little check to ensure the lens are clean. Also make sure no face masks, helmets or hats are blocking the vents.

If they get blocked up, try to move air through them. The faster you ride, the more ventilation you will get out of them.


5. Avoid Scratching

Scratching your goggles will also contribute to fogging. Remember:

  1. Store goggles in the cloth bag they came in;
  2. NEVER lie them face down on any surface;
  3. NEVER use your fingers to remove snow from inside your goggles – this will scratch them as well.



Last but not least, choose the perfect fit. It’s important that your goggles fits perfectly to your face, even when you are wearing a helmet. Any gaps between the goggles and your skin can potentially cause to fogging.

So try as many different brands and styles as you can before making a purchase. If you wear a brain bucket, you can also bring it to the store with you.



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