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Product Specs:

  • Material: 210T embossed fabric polyester
  • Size: 3X 3 meters/9.8FTX 9.8FT
  • Fix Rope length: 4 meters(with adjusters)
  • Trap wight: 700g

Product description

Enjoy the great outdoors while remaining almost totally protected from the sun’s harmful UV rays with the tarp Shelter. This shelter is easily set up, made of 210T PU-coated embossed fabric enable long-lasting wear with excellent water-shedding capabilities in the rain. featured 16 attachment loops allow you to adjust the trap to idea shape that is ideal for a variety of uses, combined with ground stake, fix ropes included accessories for added stability, offering users shade and protection from the elements.


Material:210T embossed fabric polyester
Attachment loops:16 cloth tie places (8 places in the corner and in the middle have metal grommets )

Size:3X 3 meters/9.8FTX 9.8FT

Fix Rope length:4 meters(with adjusters)

Trap wight:700g

Package include:

1X Tarp Shelter
8X ground stake
8X Nylon Ropes(with adjusters)