4 Reasons to Start Resistance Band Workouts Right Now!

In you go to local stores of sports and fitness equipments, you will easily find mainly 3 kinds of resistance bands in the market: tube resistance bands, flat resistance bands and loop resistance bands.

Resistance bands are no doubt one of the most popular workout equipments to us. But why so many people choose such a small and simple band for their daily workouts instead of other equipments? Bellowing 4 good reasons will definitely convince you!


1.Fits All Strength Levels

You can easily find that resistance bands come in a variety of sizes and colors in the market. You can incorporate resistance bands into your workouts no matter you are actually an exercise beginner or an advance athlete. And as some muscles in your body are stronger than others, you will need the bands in variety of sizes and strength levels. Luckily most resistance band products in the market come with bands differ in strength. So you buy one resistance band set and properly get all you need – you can add two or more bands and work out at one time!


2. Diversify Your Workout

You can diversify your workouts with the resistance bands. When you use resistance bands, no matter tube bands, loop bands or flat bands, it is like having an adjustable weight machine.

You can customize your workouts with the bands. For example, if you are doing a squat, you can make it a harder exercise by holding in a wider stance. Or if you are doing a bicep curl, you make it harder by standing on the bands and holding a wider stance. Also, using a heavier band will also give more strenuous workout. It’s all up to you!

With resistance, you will get the flexibility of moving in all different directions while you get limited direction of movement without the bands. You can also use them to deepen the strength of almost every muscle in your body. You can even add assistance with the bands to your push-ups or stability ball workouts or more. Just say goodbye to boring workouts!


3. Use in Injury Recovery and Prevention

Actually resistance bands were firstly used for injury prevention and recovery, although we often see resistance bands used at the gym or by fitness enthusiasts.

In sports training, we often aim at working isolated muscles, which can’t always be done using weight machines. And resistance bands workouts can effectively help to prevent future injures when the underused muscles are strengthened.

If you insist to do strenuous exercise after an injury, you may harm yourself further. But with resistance bands, you can exercise isolated muscles without burdening the muscles, tendons, joints and bones of the injured area. In this way, resistance bands can come to the rescue. In addition, when you use the bands to exercise the injure-free parts of your body, you benefit from increased blood circulation as it assists with speeding up your recovery.



4. The Convenience of Using Resistance Bands

One thing I do appreciate them is that resistance bands can be easily packed into our suitcase or even backpacks.

If you are always busying flying around the world, you must don’t have too much time to go to the gym. Or you usually have to skip your regular workout. But if you take a resistance band kit inside your suitcase, you have the convenience of exercising anywhere with enough floor space, even in your hotel room!



All in All

The adaptability and versatility of resistance training bands make them suitable for all levels, from those recovering from injury to world-class athlete. In addition, the beauty of performing resistance band training is that you don’t need to buy or store heavy equipment or drive to a gym. Every exercise that can be done on a piece of exercise equipment or with weights can be done with an exercise band.



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